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SBK Forms

Explanation of Forms

Various forms are provided in this section to aid prospective members, current members and/or instructors in applying for membership or to organize data and correspond with the SBK headquarters. If there is not a form for the action that you require, a simple email, plain language letter or note will suffice.

Print form(s) and mail to Hanshi Kriegisch as required. Fill the forms out legibly and completely. Any checks or money orders sent to the SBK headquarters must be made out to “Kriegisch Martial Arts, LLC” and mailed to address listed below. Payment may also be made through PayPal. Please do not send credit card requests or cash.

Mail to: Kriegisch Martial Arts, LLC                               Email:                            

2690 Madison St., Ste 190

Clarksville, TN 37043

The Membership Application is to be used by individuals registering for the first time or branch dojo heads registering new members, to gather and submit member information. These forms are to be sent to the SBK headquarters. Once the applicant’s registration form has been processed and payment is received, the new member will be issued a RHKK/SBK registration number along with a membership card and SBK patch for their uniform. The new member will also receive a user name and password allowing them access to the Member Section of the SBK website. The blank fee field was left so that dojo heads may include their surcharge as required.

The Promotion Certificate Application is to be used by the testing instructor for fee delivery and certificate requests. The testing instructor will send certificate fees and test fees (as applicable) to the SBK headquarters. In addition to the fees, each applicant should also include a current resume and a video or DVD of the material he/she is being tested on. If after review of the material submitted by he candidate(s) and it is found to be acceptable, Hanshi Kriegisch will issue certificates using the supplied data. The testing instructors will receive the completed certificates ready to issue to the examinees.

The Individual Membership Application is used by member or branch dojo heads and individual members at large to consolidate and send their individual or dojo annual renewal fees directly to the SBK headquarters. Note that the fee for individual membership is noted on the form. The dojo head surcharge is not to be included on this form or the accompanying check or money order.

The Dojo Application form is used by branch dojo heads to sponsoring dojo heads and from member dojos to the SBK headquarters. The member dojo fee is fixed at the listed fee, while the branch dojo fee can reflect a sponsor’s surcharge as per the SBK manual. Member dojos will consolidate the fees from their branch dojos and, along with the member dojo, send the forms and fees to the SBK headquarters. A dojo charter or certificate will be sent to the member or branch dojo head after processing by Hanshi Kriegisch.

Acknowledgement and Agreement Form This form must be filled out by individuals who become members of the SBK and therefore authorized to download the SBK manual. It serves as the receipt of, acknowledgement and agreement for Hanshi Kriegisch. By signing this form and returning it, the individual Yudansha agrees to all policy, guidance and regulations presented in this manual. He further affirms to uphold these items and to communicate and seek guidance if situations arise that are not specifically covered in this manual. Please send this form back the SBK headquarters promptly after reception of the manual.

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