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There are many benefits to belonging to the Shiho Bugei Kai and its member dojos. First and foremost is that the SBK is dedicated to the practice and transmission of authentic Okinawan martial arts, as taught by the late Daisensei Odo, while allowing for each individual and member dojo to chart its own path in its martial arts journey.

The SBK grants certified and standardized rank in accordance with prescribed bylaws. It is performance based and not politically based. The RHKK katas are the core concepts that bind us as a brother/ sisterhood. All rank certifications are based primarily on the correct performance of the required Daisensei Odo lineage katas.

The SBK offers both a comprehensive system of Okinawan empty hand martial arts (Ryukyu Hon Kenpo) and Okinawan weapons arts (Ryukyu Hon Kobujutsu). As an SBK member you can learn and advance in either or both of the traditional Okinawan martial arts and benefit from a network of instructors and mentors that span the nation. The SBK ranking systems allow for advancement in Dan rank without having to become instructor certified.

As an SBK member you have the opportunity to become an internationally certified instructor (Renshi), certified master instructor (Kyoshi), or certified grand master instructor (Hanshi). The SBK offers a traditional yet modern teacher mentorship program to build the next generation of traditional RHKK practitioners and instructors.